June 12, 2016

Getting to know me

If you trust 100% in everything I say, then you obviously don't know me very well. I'm this mess of hidden emotions. I won't tell you everything in my heart. I won't tell you all of my motivations and intentions unless you ask me over and over and force me to share. Years of disappointment have made me wary of opening up.

But if you know me well, you'll see right through my bullshit. Even when I don't want you to, you'll have access to my innermost thoughts and fears.

And I will hate you for it. I will carry a deep grudge, because I have allowed myself to become so open that I can be read like a book for your perusal.

That said, I will love you because I don't need to wear masks as often, or hide my feelings as much. I will love you because you took the effort to get to know me – the real, unfiltered me – and as much as it bothers me that I'm vulnerable to someone, I will trust in you anyway.


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