Who is Ela?
I don't know, myself.

So far, I've been called:
  • blunt and insensitive
  • weird
  • witty
  • bubbly
  • a geek
  • a "dark & twisty bear with a horrible past"
and a host of other adjectives, mostly positive ones from people who don't know any better. But that's just my low self-esteem talking.

August 2010.

Here is as much as I know, though. I'm Mikaela Kaimo, a dorky, overly emotional twentysomething. I got my degree in Behavioral Science from the University of Santo Tomas. And if you joke, "Behavioral Science? Are they teaching you to behave? HAHA!" I'll start crying from having to hear that for the nth time. Seriously, guys! *pokerface*

April 2013.
If you can't tell from the photos, I am obviously a beach person.

This personal blog can be classified as having two main categories: 1) my stupid feelings, and 2) anything that makes me geek out. Sometimes I get ashamed of being so emotional and/or being such a geek, but then I remind myself that IRL I am awesome at pretending to be unfazed. So there's that.

Someday I will have learned enough recipes to be able to say that I can cook. I like to download music/movies/apps and not listen to/watch/use them.  My life goal is to get my shit together enough to pass as a normal, sociable, responsible adult.


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