March 6, 2011

Bubblegum Basics

Moved from How strange to have a paper love because I didn't like the URL. (I'm forever changing my mind, which is why I should never get a tattoo.) While littlemisstrustissues describes me perfectly, it was far too long to be witty or clever or remarkable in any way. It also sounded so unoriginal and uninspired, what with all the Little Miss... shirts being sold.
Also, why should I perpetuate my trust issues by using a URL like that? It's not like I want to have issues. That shit ain't cool, man (no matter how much Grey's Anatomy makes it appear).

So why Bubblegum Basics? Aside from liking words that start with B (butter, bubbles, bees, buzzkill, buttcrack...), I happen to like my tagline: "Being chewed up and spit out since 1992." I tend to think of myself as a piece of gum that's only flavorful and interesting for a short while, then get discarded after all that is good has been sucked out of me. People. Pssh.

The name also conjures images of color and whimsy, both of which I need more of in my life. Color! Whimsy! Yay!

Bubblegum Basics is here to stay... Or at least until I come up with a wittier URL. I'm so indecisive. Lulz.

(Count how many ellipses I used in this post. Ugh.)


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