March 18, 2011

Filipino pride, or something like that

Maybe it's because I've been slaving over my Philippine History paper, but tonight, I noticed that my Google Chrome tabs are full of Filipino stuff. I thought I'd share them with you guys.

A passionate yet profane article claiming, among other things, that the Katipunan was an evil, sadistic organization. Personally, I would have found it to be so much better if it weren't for the many annoying jabs at UP and the gratuitous profanity that hindered rather than helped the text.

Architecture walks in Manila. Kind of like when people go on photowalks. When The Best Friend and I were in Gateway the other day, I asked him to take me on an archi walk like Tom did to Summer in 500 Days of Summer. Speaking of 500DOS, we were yelling "penis" at the food court, lol.
I found a couple of suggestions as to where to do archi walks. Manilaaaaa!

Ilocos Norte. Originally, my mom and I planned to go to Quezon for the Pahiyas, but when I saw this, I pleaded with her to go to Ilocos Norte instead.

Photo taken here.
So much stuff to see in Ilocos Norte! Historical places are a dime a dozen here. This is  place for architecture and history buffs, especially because of the lighthouses and the churches. What's more, they have fine beaches and unique gastronomical delights (I have yet to try bagnet).
Now I'm looking for cheap air fare. Anyone got any ideas?

I've been Youtube-ing a lot these days, so I stumbled upon Mikey Bustos' videos. At first, he started just by uploading videos of him singing, but video hits increased when he uploaded his hilarious tutorials. Laugh out loud funny!

<iframe title="YouTube video player" width="500" height="311" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Leaving this code here in the offchance that it'll work and show the goddamn video, hehe.

Hmm. This wasn't really a "Filipino pride" post as much as it was a "stuff I do on the Internet and they just all happened to be connected to the Philippines" post.


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