May 24, 2011

Photospam-y post about fun stuff I did on the remaining weeks of summer

Long title shows my enthusiasm! Also, I don't really expect anyone to read this so I'm going to be slipping in inside jokes and personal stuff.

Sunday before last: Malolos, Bulacan summer getaway at Kat's with Gab.
Spent all day in their air-conditioned bedroom blabbering away. Then we:

  • went out into the cool night, hung out at the playground, and drank Tanduay Ice
  • laughed at how much Kat's dad looked like someone I dated lol
  • talked some more, mostly about our batshit insane exes and the guy who pounded my heart into smithereens
Oh, yeah, we also camwhored like cuh-razy.

I liked Gab's beanie a lot. I bought one immediately after we got back to TriNoma.
Too many inside jokes!! My head will explode!

The next day, we met up with Aya and went to a couple of churches. In Barasoain, we got to see a soldier's wedding! I got all girlish and giddy and hoped that the bride and groom would spend the rest of their lives happy together. Too bad Kat didn't bring a camera *ehem* so we could have good quality photos.

Barasoian Church

Tumu-turista, akala mo naman ang layo ng Bulacan!

Headed to Aya's afterwards. Because they know how choosy I am when it comes to food (I don't eat a lot of Filipino food #facepalm), they made me eat garbanzo beans (which I didn't like) and sapin-sapin, which was mostly interesting to me because of the colors.

Kat, me, Aya, Gab

Friday: Eastwood, Libis with some of my high school friends. We finally got together again after so many months!

Me, Mel, Moj, and Jamie.
This is only half of our barkada—the other half seems to have forgotten us. I would say "lol" except that it isn't really funny...

We went bowling! Actually, we took loads of pictures at the lane. It's like we rented the lane to camwhore and not to bowl.

They have a blacklight on at 9:30PM but we didn't see it because Mel had to leave early :(
Next time, though, we're going to play billiards here.

Best friends Swirly Bitch and Mcflirty. Haha, don't even ask about the nicknames we gave each other!


I really love my skirt! Candie's is my new favorite store.

Bowling was a first for all of us, as evidenced by our suckass scores.

I'm the E. Yeah is the name of the barkada, and I honestly don't know why.

More photos! Back when we were in high school, we never, ever went out without a camera. This is a cherished barkada tradition. <3

My kuya thought my get-up was punk. <3

Siomai-rice for the hungry girl on a budget!
I wanted to buy beer but I resisted because no one else was drinking and I didn't need more friends to think I was an alcoholic.

Cool graffiti. I think it's a tattoo parlor... Yeah. That MUST be it.

Part two of photospam-y blogs coming up. Are you sick of my face yet?


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