June 1, 2015

Why we all need a best friend

1. We need someone who will listen to us. They're the ones who will listen closely and make us feel like our stories are worthwhile.

2. We need someone who will be our rock, our shoulder to cry on when we start getting overwhelmed by this world. When everything feels like it's going to hell, that person will stand by us and push us not to give up.
3. That person will also be there when we're happy. They will be proud of our accomplishments; our victories are also theirs. And they will be crazy proud of us.

4. When you're growing old and growing up, this person will be right there beside you. You will look back over the years, and see how much you've both matured. And you will appreciate the good and the bad because you've gone through all of it together.

5. Most importantly, we need them because we are flawed, imperfect, and sometimes quite horrible. When we feel awful about ourselves, we need someone to remind us that we are worthwhile and that we are loved. We need someone who will accept us at our worst and love us when we can't love ourselves.


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