January 1, 2014

My top 10 Malcolm in the Middle episodes

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Having just finished watching all seven seasons of Malcolm in the Middle, I now find myself utterly unable to consume any other TV series on my to-watch list. I attempted to watch Girls but it ended with me rewatching the last episode of MITM.

And since I'm (hopefully temporarily) incapable of thinking about anything else, I decided to compile my 10 favorite episodes.

Now, you have to understand the dedication I've put into this. I spent hours poring over the episode list of MITM just to make sure that I haven't left out any of the best ones. You may say I'm obsessive, but you can't say I'm not thorough. :3

So, in no particular order, here is my top 10.

1. Family Reunion

Hal's family treats Lois like crap, so the boys take revenge as only they know how.

AKA ruining other people's expensive stuff.

2. Hal's Christmas Gift

The family agrees on giving each other handmade gifts and Hal worries that his are shitty.

And he's right. Photo taken here.
In a side plot, Malcolm feels left out by his brothers, and he discovers that they think he can be a pompous ass and they just need a break from him occasionally. Heartwarming stuff for anyone who's ever felt left out from their siblings.

3. Pearl Harbor

The family's neighbor Jessica manipulates Reese and Malcolm into thinking that the other is gay.

Now, they do trick each other a lot and are generally mean-spirited towards each other, but in this episode, they show a soft, accepting, and loving side of the two as they try to make the other feel secure about their sexuality.

4. Block Party

The family discovers that when they go for their annual vacation, their block throws a party. Malcolm is devastated, but everyone else seems not to care and find themselves a jolly good time.

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5. Mrs. Tri-County

The boys enter Lois in a beauty pageant as a joke, but she ends up being one of the most favored candidates. It was lovely to see Lois overcoming her insecurities and beating the other snotty, backstabbing mothers.

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6. Rollerskates

Hal teaches Malcolm how to rollerskate but a frustrated Malcolm cusses at him. Hal teaches him a lesson by making Malcolm say a whole list of swear words to his face. A nice father-and-son moment for the two.
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Watch it if only for Hal's rollerskating routine.

7. Lois Strikes Back

A group of girls from Reese's high school play a cruel prank on him, and Lois takes revenge by playing a series of equally mean jokes on the girls.
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I never really feel for Reese—most of the time I think he's an annoying bully—but this episode actually made me care for him.

8. Billboard

Lois catches Reese, Malcolm, and Dewey trying to vandalize a strip joint's billboard. The three pretend to hold a women's rights protest to have an excuse not to go down and face the consequences.

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I love this episode because of Reese's sudden enlightenment about the objectification of women and society's stringent, unrealistic standards for them.

9. Burning Man

Free spirits gather 'round to watch Hal being Hal as they think he's doing a performance art piece about the "typical white suburban dad". Hal is completely dumbfounded as to why the festival-goers are avidly watching his every move. His breakdown is possibly the funniest MITM moment ever.

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10. Graduation

No duh! This was a great finale to the entire run. All the pressure and angst that Malcolm has been feeling all his life has led up to the discovery of just how much his family expects of him, and his realization that he can do it. Just an amazing finish to a wonderful series.

Also, Malcolm's off to Harvard!! Woohoo!
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Fellow MITM fans out there, what were your favorite episodes?


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