June 9, 2013

Now, in the world of comics: the good and the bad

The bad

Not just bad. Infuriating, more like.
My favorite Filipino comic artist, Pol Medina Jr., is getting flak because of this Pugad Baboy strip that ran in the Philippine Daily Inquirer:

Two points about the comic:

  1. A lot of Christians are hypocrites. If you don't believe that, look at all the politicians who go to church and kiss priests' hands then go home to their mistresses and amass illegal wealth.
  2. Don't tell me exclusive schools don't have homosexuals. All-male schools have gays! All-female school have lesbians! Hell, even mixed-gender schools have 'em! Let's not bury our heads in the sand here.
It's funny and it has some truth in it. Some people just don't take satire and social commentary very well. (And by some people, I mean "uptight, closed-minded assmunchers.") BTW, just because someone says something you don't agree with doesn't give you the right to not let him speak. </endrant>

The good

The awesome, more like!!! I have just found out that Fables is getting a movie adaptation!

Let me type that again, because it just feels too good: Fables, my favorite currently-running comic book series, will be getting a silver screen adaptation! It is wonderful, wonderful news (especially since I'm still waiting on a freakin' Deadpool movie)! It is the best news I've had since I've learned that Fall Out Boy will be returning to Manila in August.


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