June 12, 2013

Baguio with baby ♥

My boyfriend and I went on our first out-of-town trip last May. In the planning stages, I was pessimistic about the trip because I was sure I wouldn't have 1) any money, and 2) my mom's permission. Happily, I got my mom's go-signal and money from her, too! (I am a spoiled child.)

We went to Baguio, which is six hours away from Manila and not nearly as hot. It wasn't too cold, though; definitely doable without a jacket.

During those three days, we walked all around the Summer Capital. Here are some of the places we hit:

White House

We stumbled upon a Bamboo Sculpture exhibit being held.

My boyfriend said the White House was haunted, which meant this scaredy-cat never left his side all the while. And hey! Here's a picture of a human skull:

Teacher's Camp

Where we had delicious strawberry taho.

Botanical Garden

He promised me sunflowers here, but alas, it was bare :(
A woman there informed us that the flowers would be in full bloom in February. Got my fingers crossed for a return trip.


A Japanese torii.

50's-themed diners!!!

HEAVY PULP FICTION GEEKERY ENSUED. My boyfriend and I love that movie so much!

Retro Diner, where I had delicious chicken cordon bleu.
The resto played great old music (Tony Bennett!!), which is always a plus.

50's Diner, where I had a less satisfying pork cordon bleu.
 They serve a yummy chocolate milkshake, though (Mia Wallace, I ♥ u).

Strawberry Farm

This isn't actually in Baguio. This is actually in La Trinidad, which was a taxi ride away. Speaking of taxi ride, one driver tried to stiff us into paying him P350 for a ride that we later found out only cost P70-150. Ugh.
We were supposed to go strawberry-picking, but we found out it cost around P400 per kilo to pick the luscious red fruit. No thanks, we said, and instead we just walked the narrow, muddy paths and breathed in the sweet strawberry-scented air.
Seriously, it smells amazing over there.

More cheesestuff. Also, sunflower yay!

It was only a three day/two night trip but I took a lot of pictures so I'm dumping more in an upcoming Baguio, part two. I'm sure you are all just riveted.


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