September 28, 2012

Pity party for one, please

I'm stressed, sad, and sick of not knowing what to post on this blog (aside from, you know, dashes of geekery). I don't want to be the girl who shares more on her website than she does with the people around her. But I also want to use this to rant and let out all ~mah feelz~. So here!

  • a family member's health condition
  • school and how I can't seem to get over my Lazy College Senior syndrome
  • money, or lack of it. Considering working as a call girl—I've already been called a whore, might as well make some money off it
  • deep-seated insecurities that are beginning to overwhelm me

There are still good things in my life, though.
For example, I made this new blog header because personalizing your site is key to building an online identity and blah blah blah potatoes.

Mi madre says the robot (which I drew by myself!!) looks like the Android logo, lolz.

Here's a positive review on the new blog theme:
"It's very simple and minimal but the colors give it a dynamic quality... I like the use of pink, it fits the blog name perfectly. And the robot is really well-drawn. You're quite talented in the visual arts." —Nobody Ever

Hate mail, snarky comments, words of discouragement—leave them all below. I mean, my self-esteem can't get much lower than this... hopefully.

Addendum: That pink circle on the robot, that's actually her (it?) blowing a bubble.


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