October 1, 2012

I didn't think I'd miss you this much

You know how they say you don't know what you've got until it's gone? Well, you're gone, and I'm only just realizing how much I like you. Seeing our friends without you there... I feel there's a gap in my life. Something's missing.

The years we've spent together have been a lot of ups and downs, but I'd like to believe I was among those who were there for you through everything. The physical, mental, and emotional strain on you has been tremendous, and I'm so proud of how strong you were through it all.

Now, I look at the one who has taken your place, and I can't help thinking: I'd still choose you. But you're gone, and we're going to have to get used to it.

I just want to say that wherever you are, I hope you're happy. And I hope to see you again someday, Emily Prentiss.

You were one of my favorite FBI agents ever.
Photo taken here.

Here you are being adorable!

Photo taken here.

It's surprising; I didn't think I'd miss you this much. :(

Criminal Minds season 8 has finally premiered! I dedicate this post to all fellow fans who miss Emily Prentiss.


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