June 2, 2012

Senior year

See these papers? They're the receipt and registration form from enrollment earlier this week. Do you know what this means?

I am officially a Lazy College Senior! OHHH YEAHHHH!

Two semesters (hopefully!) before I graduate (and become unemployed)!

Digression: I appear to be photogenic with iPod self-shots.

Still can't believe that I am this close to finishing my schooling. Three years felt like they just flew by in a blur of late-nighters, papers, and beer.
I also realize that I was in love with a different guy for every academic year in college. Hahaha. Is that a pattern or sheer coincidence?

All I know is, these girls helped me cling to my sanity throughout those three years:

For some reason, they stuck by my side even though I'm a little nuts. I know I'll be able to handle whatever gets thrown my way (I'm looking at you, Labor) because we'll be helping each other out. *cyberhugs all around*

So bring it on, senior year!


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