June 17, 2014

No, David, she is NOT "the one".

Obligatory warning to the oblivious: *SPOILERS AHEAD!*

One of my favorite movies ever is Labs Kita, Okey Ka Lang? starring Jolina Magdangal and Marvin Agustin. I can recite their climactic fight scene almost word for word (DO NOT TEST ME). The story is about childhood best friends who fall in love with each other. The theme is identical to the 2013 movie She's the One starring Dingdong Dantes (Wacky) and Bea Alonzo (Cat).

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Geek confession: the only reason I watched She's the One in the first place is because it showed clips of Labs Kita. Even for a few seconds, I reveled in the knowledge that I wasn't the only one to whom that movie was still relevant. :">

Anyway, the main topic for today's blog post is this:
I fucking hated David, Enrique Gil's character in She's the One.

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Best friends Wacky and Cat were—gasp—secretly in love with each other for years but neither acted on it. Then came David, who fell for Cat, and right on cue, Wacky gets jealous. There is nothing original about the movie, but that's not why I'm infuriated.
And no, I don't hate David because he came between Cat and Wacky. I hate him because he fell for an idealized woman.

When he first saw her, he kept thinking of how "hot" she was. That was the main adjective he used to describe her. So he gets minus points in my book for confusing childish physical infatuation with "love".

Then, when Wacky introduces David to Cat, David's all, "You're amazing!" YOU'VE KNOWN HER FOR LIKE TEN SECONDS. You barely even know this girl! You're basically placing her on a pedestal and worshiping the idea of who she is!

He also took a video of her without her knowledge and uploaded it for all the world to see, and that's just creepy. He also kept insisting on seeing her even though she clearly wasn't comfortable. BACK THE FUCK DOWN, DOUCHEBAG. He's like a goddamned yippy puppy.

That's why I hate him. David is making Cat into a sort of manic pixie dream girl who will change his life forever. He romanticizes everything he does, and it's fucking annoying.


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