December 2, 2012

So much feelz for Adventure Time's Burning Low

Looking at the title, obviously, go away if you don't want spoilers.

Most of my recent waking hours have been spent hoping that after the apocalypse on the 21st, the universe would be recreated Ooo-style. These feelz are due to the fact that I've finished downloading season 4 of Adventure Time and discovered a new favorite episode: Burning Low. Thankfully, it wasn't a petty love triangle story between Finn, Flame Princess, and Princess Bubblegum like the previews allegedly portrayed.

When FP first appeared in the show, I was skeptical of the idea of Finn dating her. Hell, I'm skeptical of Finn dating anyone, mostly because the only girl he should be with is me.

Slowly, though, I began to warm to Flame Princess. (Hah! Get it? Warm to her?) She's passionate, aggressive, and fun. Finn describes her as "...bright, she's beautiful, she makes me feel confused—like something is filling up my chest, like I can't breathe."

I am actually jealous of a fictional teenage romance. I might need help.
Flame Princess and Finn know that their relationship is going to be a difficult one due to their physical differences. Human + Fire is not a very good combination and they could easily hurt the other. Still, they're trying to make it work by figuring out how to overcome these differences. That's more than what real-life couples do!

Another reason I love this episode was because Princess Bubblegum annoys the math out of me and I loved seeing Finn and Jake get mad at her for a change.

Can't get enough of this gif. He also throws a box of pancake mix at her! ^_^

I know Peebles was doing her duty and I know Jake should have listened to her from the beginning, but ever since I've known her, I have never liked her (except when she was 13 years old for a time). The end of the episode was ambiguous as to whether she really was jealous or not. If was jealous, though, I'd dislike her even more: she needs to stop messing with Finn's heartguts! She couldn't make him as happy as Flame Princess could!

No matter who you ship, though, there is one thing in this episode that everyone will love:


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