November 16, 2012

Why I absolutely loved watching Wreck-It Ralph

The opening short

Paperman is a silent animated film about two strangers. After a brief interaction on a train station, they part ways, only to find each other again.

I even made this my timeline cover photo.
Photo taken here.

I was squirming in my seat afterwards; the short was sweet, charming, wonderful, charming, and did I say charming? #hopelessromantic
Before WIR began playing, I thought, "I wouldn't mind if I liked Paperman better than the movie itself."

The movie itself

Oh, wow, Wreck-It Ralph is hilarious. After watching, Peter Angelo and I threw quotes back and forth.
"She's programmed with the most tragic backstory ever."
Possibly my favorite line from the movie.
Photo taken here.

The entire thing was paced remarkably well, considering the number of events that took place within the movie. It never slowed its roll but nothing felt rushed, as so many other movies do. In fact, I was drawn for the entire run.
Bad-Guy Pledge:
"I am bad, and that's good. I will never be good, and that's not bad. There is no one I would rather be than me."

The thing I really love? That every arcade game is a world complete in itself. The characters have backstories and relationships within the society. There is a community within the game itself, and the characters even interact with ones from other games.

Each arcade game has its own complex way of running the place. For example, in Fix-It Felix, Jr., everyone is friendly towards each other (except Ralph), which gives off the vibe of a tight-knit neighborhood...

...while in Sugar Rush, monarchy is the name of the game, and the vastness of the world is a stark contrast to the above example.
What I wouldn't give to live in a world where Vanellope von Schweetz is a legit name.

And the extension cord where all the games are plugged into? It's called Game Central Station. Clever bastards!
Photo taken here.

Ending song

As the credits rolled, I noticed the happy song playing, and I began dancing around. Then I thought, "Fuck, this artist sounds awfully familiar."

I never thought I could like a song by Owl City. Who'd've thunk?! Perhaps it was the awesome movie that made me receptive to it. Yeah, that's it. That must be it. I mean, I wasn't programmed to like Owl City. It's not in my code! :))


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