March 19, 2013

EnviroPop: Have fun saving our seas!

Puzzle games have always been a staple of gaming, and why not? They're easy to play and wildly addictive. Now, a collaboration between AppLabs Digital Studios Inc. and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF-Philippines) offers us their own twist to this beloved genre of gaming by bringing us EnviroPop.

EnviroPop is a time-pressure puzzle game where the player eradicates sea pollutants by matching at least three of the same hazard. Tap and swipe your way to cleaner seas by eliminating sea hazards, and rescue marine life from deadly waste.

Sounds simple, right? So what makes EnviroPop stand out?

~It's cute!

Kids and kids-at-heart will love EnviroPop's mascots straight from underwater! Rescue Bobby the ButandingPatty the Pawikan, and other endangered marine life from harmful substances.

~It's educational as well as entertaining!

For one minute, clear the ocean from hazardous materials, and see how human activities such as cyanide fishing and improper disposal of plastic gravely threaten sea creatures worldwide.
Help Patty the Pawikan out!

~It's affordable AND for a good cause!

For only US$0.99 or around PHP40.00, you can download EnviroPop from the App Store. Proceeds of each purchase will go directly to WWF-Philippines' marine conservation programs. Your virtual mission becomes a reality as you fund WWF-Philippines' battle to make our seas hazard-free for our fishy friends.
Still unconvinced that this is a good purchase? Try the free Lite version and see for yourself.

What more could you ask for? Download now and have fun saving our seas with EnviroPop!

For Android users, don't fret! EnviroPop is currently available on iOS, but will soon become available to Android, too, so you won't miss out.

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