September 25, 2011

Good stuff

You know how when you're happy, you're never really happy because you're on tenterhooks waiting for something bad to happen and take your smile away? No? Is it just me? Shit. Anyweezer, this post isn't entitled "good stuff" for nothing. Things have been going really well, and I thought writing this down can help me keep my happy meter up.

The Behavioral Science Society of UST partnered up with World Vision for a child sponsorship project, and all us members donate P15 each every month. Even so, I didn't know how the whole thing worked, so I read the brochure they gave out and got intrigued.

The child sponsorship welcome pack, which has everything you need to know about the program.

World Vision, it turns out, is an organization aimed towards alleviating poverty. Their programs include child sponsorship, where for as little as P600 a month, your donation helps a child with his education, healthcare and security, and community development, among other things. I got so enthusiastic about it that I told Mom "We should totally do this," and we did, splitting the P600 between us.
Our papers arrived the other day, and I found out that our sponsored child is a fourth-grade girl. Sadly, she's too far away to visit, but at least I can write to her.
To learn more about how you can make a difference in a child's life, visit

• Last year, I tried out for the Thomasian Writers Guild but failed to make the cut. This year, I tried out again, but I didn't get to finish the exam because I had classes. Months afterward, when I had given up all hope of ever getting into that org, I received this text message in the middle of the night:

I thought it was a horribly mean prank, so I ran downstairs to check their Facebook, where they posted the results:

¡Estoy orgullosa de mi misma! Special shoutout to Aya and Peter Angelo, who have always supported and loved my writing and encouraged me to try out for this.

All is well. Would anyone judge me if I put a smiley here, just for emphasis? :D


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