December 18, 2012

Where is My Mind?

One of the many wonderful things about Fight Club is the last scene. Exploding buildings and mental illness included, it's the one of the most romantic movie endings I've seen.

Of course, the scene just wouldn't be that awesome without the song Where is My Mind? by Pixies playing. The first time I heard it, I loved it immediately.

Apparently, there are a hell of a lot of cover versions of this song. The most popular one according to Youtube is the Sucker Punch OST, which I didn't like even in the slightest.

I never thought I'd hear a cover that's as good as the original, but this version by Trampled by Turtles takes the cake.

I love how they substituted Kim Deal's backup vocals with string instruments. It's very country, and despite my lack of enthusiasm for that genre, I enjoyed this song.

Do you know any cover songs that measure up to the original? Comment away!


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