March 2, 2012

One More Chance is srs bznz, yo

Tonight, I asked myself, "What would be the best way to procrastinate writing my paper?" I scrolled down my movie list and decided that One More Chance was less emotionally draining than Welcome to the Dollhouse.
Ugh, I was so wrong. It was a minor miracle that I managed not to cry until the last thirty minutes.

My tweets:

I also posted on my friends' Facebook accounts:

To Gab

To The Best Friend

Very annoying, I know, but I couldn't help myself. Besides, I'm not the only one going around spouting quotes from this movie: if you Google "One More Chance",  a lot of terrible ~*wordart*~ would appear.

I also blogged about this (very badly) on my Tumblr, where I said:
Akala ko si Popoy kakampihan ko nung una, kasi putangina Basha, ganyan ka ba katigas na kahit ganyan kalambing yang boyfriend mo eh aalis ka pa rin? Pero nainis din ako kay Popoy kasi sinasakal niya si Basha, tapos nag-girlfriend agad.

Here's also a character chart I made just because I wanted to make it clear why I liked/disliked the people in the love triangle:

Speaking of Trisha, hello, Maja is pretty but... this screencap says it all.

Best & most accurate screencap ever! HAHAHA OH DEAR GOD "HAPPY MANSARY"
(taken here)

(God, the things I do to avoid work.)


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