April 20, 2012

Let's go to Neverland and never grow up

The best thing about having an OJT is getting to say stuff like "Busy ako, may pinapagawa boss ko eh." It sounds so adult! So responsible! So very things that I am not!

When I was a college frosh, I used to think that I could never go through with on-the-job training. 200 hours in an office, actually working? It seemed too big a step towards being an—gulp—adult that I used to freak out at the idea.

But now I'm working from 9-6 in the Human Resources Department of a large construction company. I get to answer the phone with "Good afternoon, HR", update and file documents and records, make write-ups for recommendations and sanctions.

This is what I see every afternoon on my way home.

Work is really quite pleasant. I'm just disturbed because it appears as though I really need to grow up. For god's sake, I still buy bottles of bubbles at toy stores. I am not ready to be a job-seeking, bill-paying adult, you know?


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