July 5, 2016

I had a bad day yesterday

Obviously, I wasn't feeling my best yesterday:

But I made up for it by buying an Eye of Horus eyeliner (god, please let me have a smoky waterline that won't smudge) and a Nyx Liquid Suede lippie. BeautyMNL is a godsend - why haven't I ordered from them before?! (Because I'm always broke, that's why.) I know that retail therapy isn't exactly the most constructive way to deal with emotions, but FUCK THIS SHIT, I will spend a thousand pesos on useless crap if it makes me feel okay for a minute.

I also played The Sims 4 until my arm felt like it was gonna fall off from ngalay. It was a good way to distract myself from the endless negativity running through my head.


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