October 15, 2011

Anything you're ever proud of will be thrown away

One day before grades were released, I started telling my mom how I was sure I was going to pass everything. That makes me sound like an arrogant turd, and I'm sorry, but I really was confident that I didn't fuck anything up, because I attended (most) classes, submitted (most of) my homework, and passed (most of) the quizzes.

Plus side: no 3's.
Downside: no 1's.

I don't know whether to be proud or not. Does that really matter, though, when anything you're ever proud of will be thrown away?

That's me quoting Chuck Palahniuk. I swear, his novels are my Bibles, Qurans, Torahs, etc., etc. So far, I've read Fight Club, Choke, Rant, and Invisible Monsters, and I have fallen deeply in love with Palahniuk's brand of caustic prose, dark, nihilistic themes, and outlandish characters.
Lately I've been rereading Fight Club and rediscovering how truly enlightening I find it, making me question my philosophy in life. Perhaps we should all throw away everything to build something better. The idea of losing everything to be free to do anything is very appealing to me.

I am breaking the rules of Fight Club. [photo taken here]

The movie is equally amazing. The only way to express my love for it is with this fantard statement:
Edward Norton (who is totally sex-ayyy with the bruises) + Brad Pitt + Helena Bonham Carter = ♥♥♥ lurve 4evr&evrr!!

Peter Angelo gave me a link to this song, and I love it because [see said fantard statement]:

(Also because I am oddly drawn to the word "penis".)

If you haven't read/seen Fight Club, I suggest you do and get back to me so we can give each other lye-scars on our hands!


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