October 18, 2011

We should find places to hang out other than Trinoma and SM North

Why Peter Angelo and I wanted to watch Friends With Benefits even before its showing: Emma Stone and Mila Kunis (him), Andy Samberg and curiosity about how FWB would stack up against the boring No Strings Attached (me).

FWB is a cut above the usual clich√©-ridden rom-coms (which I shamelessly enjoy, by the way). The plot's not too predictable, the soundtrack is ace (Boys Don't Cry and I Will Follow You Into The Dark <3), and the dialogue is sharp and witty. I'll be singing Closing Time for weeks.

Embarrassing moments with Ela Kaimo: We were about to go inside the cinema when I heard a trailer for a horror movie. A child was chanting, "bloody Mary, bloody Mary..." accompanied by creepy violin sounds. A sudden noise made me literally jump about a foot into the air and cry out! I refused to go inside until the trailer ended; scaredy cat, I know.

And I only just realized that almost every time I meet with Peter, we end up doing the same stuff:
  • taking more than an hour to decide where to eat, walking around the mall's perimeter in the process—and if you've been in SM North, you know how big and confusing it is
  • competing over getting high scores in karaoke—I used Evanescence's My Immortal, my forever karaoke song, to bag a 100!
  • catching each other up on life and stuff~
  • geeking out in bookstores about what books we'll be buying next. I bought this:
Freedom, by Jonathan Franzen. Thought Catalog  roused my curiosity about this.

More awesome sauce stuff: I'm pretty sure we saw Lourd de Veyra in Trinoma!!! He might be shopping for shoes, we saw him go inside Zoo York and Converse. I was too shy to go up to him hehehe BUT IT WAS STILL GREAT TO SEE HIM!!! Exclamation points! What a terrific day.

I better get packing, though; tomorrow I'll be heading to Laguna with my classmates. Ahhhh life <3


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