June 12, 2013

Baguio with baby, part 2 ♥

(A continuation. See Part 1.)

Tam-awan Village

Tam-awan is an arts and culture hub set amid lush green trees and rocky uphill trails. In short, a wonderful place to explore.

The place is strewn with traditional Ifugao huts and various art installations. There was also a huge vat where they cook pinikpikan. Too bad we missed the preparation of the chicken.

These mirrors are said to repel evil spirits.

Throughout the village were exhibits of paintings and mixed media pieces by local artists. In one such room, some annoying fat kid behind us caused a holdup as he was whining about taking his shoes off, one of the rules to get into the display. It took some amount of self-control for me not to roll my eyes in front of his parents.

Candlelit dinner ♥

Later that night, we bought ingredients for tuna-pesto pasta at SM Baguio, then went back to our transient to cook. It was a great meal, accompanied with sweet strawberry wine and Frank Sinatra mood music.

Bell Church

When we got there, it was abuzz with groups of tourists snapping pictures. Once the crowds cleared, though, it was a great place to just sit and think. My boyfriend Gec, a martial artist, particularly enjoyed watching little kids practice wushu.

Lourdes Grotto

Just your typical grotto, TBH. Lots of stairs, lots of vendors selling candles and flowers to offer to the statue. I think I particularly liked this because of the Flanax commercial. Other than that, it wasn't terribly memorable.

At the end of the whole trip, I was exhausted. Three days of walking on narrow, uphill roads, with several hours in rain-soaked socks and sneakers takes a lot out of me. 

Still, it was a wonderful experience shared with a wonderful person, and I can't wait for more travels like this.


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