August 22, 2012

Birthdays with YC = always good fun

I can't believe this is the fourth year we've celebrated birthdays together. The first birthday we celebrated as a group was my seventeenth: we had pizza at Yellow Cab and christened ourselves the YC Buddies. We're adorable like that.

Despite my dramatic sad bullshit at the thought that this would be the last time we're celebrating birthdays as classmates, we had fun. Prelims are over so it was good enough time to blow off steam.

August birthday gerlz~

In keeping with barkada tradition, we had pizza at Yellow Cab. (Thank god the bill was split five ways between us August-born people.)

Then we hit the arcade, where my butt got glued to this motorcycle race. I look like I was goofing around, but I was dead serious about wanting to win first place in this game.

I fucking owned it, by the way. FIRST PLACE, MOTHERFUCKAHS!

And what's a birthday without great gifts from great friends?

Photo frame with messages from friends (I blurred the photo of me posing in my underwear lol);
highlighters (an inside joke with Ava);
and a notebook from Kat.

It was a simple enough celebration but it was still incredibly special, thanks to these people. Love you, guys!


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