June 3, 2016


I may like to seem tough & experienced, but one of the (many) things I hate about myself is my naïveté. Despite appearances, I am wildly innocent.

I have this belief in people that they have the capacity for great kindness and love that could be nurtured. I have faith that people can change, and be better than what they are. I believe that people are naturally good-hearted. I believe that people will always want to be there for others. I believe in forgiveness.

This kind of thinking could be dangerous. There are a lot of people whose intentions are less than pure, whose motives are incredibly selfish, and who only think of their best interest. There are those who will abuse your capacity to forgive, to provide, and to love.

So I'm becoming wary of who to let in. I'm slowly realizing that not everyone I let into my life will stay, or be good for me. And I think this is a good way to minimize getting hurt.


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