May 28, 2011

Bulleted list of things that annoy the living crap out of me

Comic taken here.

• The song Chicosci Vampire Social Club. First because I don't like Chicosci, second because I don't like almost anything with the word "vampire" in it. Case in point: The Best Friend told me about a band he's starting to like, and I was getting enthusiastic, but then he mentioned that the band in question was Vampire Weekend. I immediately deflated and refused to listen any further.

• Gran Matador. It tastes like a mixture of liquid shit, goat piss, and the hot steaming semen of Satan himself. Plus, it always gets me drunk and brings back memories of when I first tried it (I got wasted and started yelling at my family and punching the gate. My uncle had to physically drag me home. I swear, I bring so much shit on myself).

• People misspelling my name online. I mean, come on, my name is right there on the screen. You won't believe how often this happens.

• This summer. Don't be fooled if I seemed busy this summer; I spent weeks on the couch, watching Scrubs and The Simpsons, and munching on everything from chips to Swiss Miss in packets. When I wasn't doing that, I was trying not to cry over my ~broken heart~ and fighting with my mother because, get this, she thinks I go out too much.

Macky's running out of goto when I'm craving it so badly, especially on a cold day like this.

• Asking someone to watch a movie you love and it turns out that they didn't like it. I get shy recommending flicks for movie marathons because I'm always nervous that my friends won't like my choices. I will feel I wasted two hours of their life and I will apologize sheepishly.
Unless it's (500) Days of Summer, because I honestly don't see how anyone can not like it.

• [Spoiler alert for Pretty in Pink and Some Kind of Wonderful] Duckie should have ended up with Andie. Keith should not have ended up with Watts. End of story.


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