August 1, 2011

Weekend Update

Last Saturday, I went to our vet before class and ended up trying not to cry in the bus on my way to school.
About a month ago, we brought our cat Tabayuki to the vet because he started peeing in the bathroom and the dirty kitchen instead of outside, and drinking more than usual. After running tests, we found out that Yuki has chronic renal failure, which is quite common in senior cats (after the tests, it was found out that he's already 11 years old). Already two-thirds of his kidneys are damaged.
This basically means that Mom and I are going to be spending even more time at our neighborhood vet. Thankfully, there are sites that give information on how to care for cats with CRF, offering useful tips like how to give them tablets (open their mouth and shove the tablet in past the tongue), so we don't have to call the vet for every little question.

To manage his condition, Yuki has to continually take medication and eat food specially made for cats with CRF. It's going to take a lot of money to keep this up. I think Yuki's special cat food costs around P70 per pack, and he has to have at least 1 and a quarter pack per day.

But, whatever. Mom and I don't really mind about the cost just as long as our fat baby cat stays healthy. I've got all my fingers, toes, and limbs crossed.

Now on to the lighter side of things.
I finally picked up my Harold & Maude earrings at the Marikina Post Office!

Cost me less than P460 on eBay. I swear, sometimes I log on to eBay and look for ways to blow my money.
My mom finally agreed to buy me an iPod for Christmas after years of my begging. Yep, years—the first iPod was released in 2001 and I remember how much I wanted it then, and still want one now. Hopefully, I'll be getting a pink iPod nano in December!

However, Mom did say that this is still tentative and it all depends on my behavior: "Tingnan natin, pag di mo ako bibigyan ng sakit sa ulo." I'm really hoping that she keeps her word... and I'm really, really hoping I won't do something Ela-ish to screw this up. #GoodGirl
Random photo of myself:
A friend, to me: "Mahilig ka na pala sa angry bird."
Me: "Matagal na!"

Next item on my to-do list: print photos of people I love and put them up on my bedroom walls to make a "Reasons to Get Up in the Morning" Corner <3
So, how's your week going?


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