January 13, 2012

Five fictional guys I would love to date

5. Chandler Bing from Friends.

We are far too similar for me not to sympathize with this character: he feels like a loser, is socially awkward, and uses stupid jokes and sarcasm as a defense mechanism against intimacy.

4. The unnamed narrator in Fight Club (both the movie and the book). His transition from a mild-mannered corporate drone to a total badass makes me wish I were Marla Singer.

Is it wrong that I think those Fight Club wounds are hot?
Also, Edward Norton > Brad Pitt in this movie.

3. Harold Chasen from Harold and Maude. Harold is a young man obsessed with death and dying. I think we would get along fine.

Besides, that hair. Mmm <3

2. Alex DeLarge from A Clockwork Orange. Yes, I am willing to go out with a sociopath. Our dates will involve drinking drug-laced milk and beating people up.

and finally,

1. JD from Scrubs. He's such an adorable dork that I won't have to hide my own eccentricities from him (i.e., we do the same narration thing in our heads). Other than that, he's cute, smart, and tons of silly fun!

I'd let that doctor give me a physical. WHATSAAAAAP


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