August 8, 2012

When I said I love the rain, I didn't mean for three straight days!

Today I woke up and the sun was shining—a sight that I never thought I'd be so happy to behold. I've slept over at my friend Abbey's house for two days, because thanks to this torrential rain, I had no way of getting home without getting stranded by flooded roads. So as soon as I saw a relatively clear sky today, I hightailed it out of there and went straight home. Not an hour after I got home, however, the rain began pouring again. I was lucky to have made it in time to avoid the downpour.

A lot of people aren't as fortunate, though.
Entire neighborhoods are stranded on rooftops, cold and hungry. Evacuation centers are packed. There is a very real danger of landslides. Homes have been destroyed, property damaged, lives lost.

The least we can do is help out, in any way we can.

With technology making donations as easy as reaching for your cellphone, there's no reason not to give.

For fellow Thomasians, since classes tomorrow, August 9, have been suspended, relief operations will commence on Friday, August 10. See poster below for details.

Most other universities and colleges are undertaking relief operations as well. ~Werq~ the Google machine and find out where you can volunteer your services, or drop off donations.

Even a small thing can make a big difference. Tulong tayo!


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