July 8, 2011

Kat at 18

Kat, or Bru, as we affectionately call each other, celebrated her 18th birthday on June 30. Even if she didn't the same birthday as my mom, I wouldn't forget her birthday. How could I possibly forget the special day of someone so close to me? Yihee! Haha.
Seriously, though, we've been friends for only a couple of years (having just celebrated our ~anniversary~ last June 16 lol), but I definitely can't imagine how life would be without her. She can make everyone's day with her crazy antics. One time, she punched me in the face, and although it definitely was not awesome, we just laugh about it now.

She decided to give the YC Buddies a girls' day out for her birthday. I was feeling so miserable the night before; thank god my girls gave me a terrific day.

First, she stuffed us full of native dishes at Barrio Fiesta. I don't eat a lot of Filipino food, so I decided to just eat whatever she ordered.

Gab, Ava, me
Ressa, the birthday girl, Paula
It was my first time to eat kare-kare. I had the seafood one and it was delicious! I can't believe I missed out on this for eighteen years.

Then we went bowling. For P140 per person per game + P30 rental per pair of bowling shoes, it wasn't too expensive, but then I forgot how much bowling in Eastwood cost me so I couldn't really compare prices.

The bowling center in SM North is really nice. They even had stations where you can play on a PS3.

Ressa, before playing: "High school pa ako nung huli akong nag-bowling eh." She proceeded to rack up a total of 84 points. HUSTLER!

The bowling center also had several billiard tables, so I talked my friends into playing. At P270/table for an hour, it was steep, but it was a nice place and so not bilyaran-sa-kanto-ng-Dapitan. Heh.

HUSTLER!! Ressa was also pretty good at billiards. Dayummm, woman.

My face.

I want to get better at billiards so I can kick the butts of some of my friends. Also, I want to play at the billiards place in Dapitan Street but it's embarrassing to play by myself if I suck.

Pyramid ▲

Of course, no YC birthday celebration is complete without videoke!

This is not a photo from videoke, obvz. We tried out the Vortex at Timezone. For P25 per person, it sure is a trippy ride. Maybe this is how drugs feel like.

Ressa, to me: Bakit laging Way Back Into Love kinakanta mo pag nagka-karaoke?

So exhausting, but so fun! These people really give me something to smile about. I love you guys! And Bru, if you are reading this, cheers to you, a wonderfully patient and understanding friend. You're truly one of the most beautiful people I have ever had the good fortune to meet.


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