February 1, 2012

UST @ 401: Neo-Centennial

Last week, the University of Santo Tomas held its closing celebration for the Quadricentennial. I almost didn't go because I didn't think I'd be missing out on anything. Boy, am I glad that I chose to drag my ass to Manila, because it was a hell of a time!

We participated in 40,000 Voices for UST, ate free food (the lechong karne was DA BEST), and watched the program which included performances by Rico Blanco, Side A (much to my mom's jealousy), and Gloc 9.
Digression: the production sucked donkey balls. There was a technical problem that delayed the program for several minutes, during which time my friends and I decided to have a concert of our own, belting out Thinking of You at the top of our lungs.


Err'day I'm shufflin

The main reason I went to this event, though, was the pyromusical. When they started playing Coldplay's Yellow, I got goosebumps!

* * *

Part of the week-long Neo-Centennial festivities was the Velada Tomasina, "a living tableau that shows the University of Santo Tomas in the perspective of the cultural milieu of Old Manila at the turn of the 19th century." Recreations of the old UST and old Sto. Domingo Church were installed in Plaza Mayor, where Thomasians wore period costumes. My friends and I got into the Velada spirit like nobody's bznz yo!

Mga Dalagang Filipina

~Maria Clara ang peg~

With my favorite prof <3

* * *

Say what you will about UST, but damn if they don't know how to throw a celebration!


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