April 7, 2011

College, Clothes, Cut, Cubao Expo

(This is a self-centered summer update post.)
I really don't know whether to like my summer's slow pace. On one hand, doing nothing feels good: no need to wake up early, no papers to write, no worries. On the other hand, doing nothing feels like I'm wasting the time I could be using to enjoy my youth. Or something.

Anyway, so, my title. I like alliteration.

College. Grades finally came out!

Obviously, the grading system in UST makes 1 the highest possible grade. If the grading system made it so that 5 is the highest, I'd have killed myself because this picture means I failed everything.
Okay, so the highest I got is 1.75, which isn't really something to be proud of... but at least my lowest is 2.5. It's in English, though. English, you guys. This hurts my pride so bad. (My oral performance was great, IMHO, but I failed the written quizzes.)

Clothes. My mom and I accompanied Tita Malou and her son Benson to Divisoria to shop for their stall. There's this place called Alexis where you can buy tons of stuff wholesale, for low prices. But that's not the point. The point is, I bought clothes... and more.

  • Homer Simpson (!!!) and Elmo (because Che calls me that) shirts were two for P150.
  • P300 Roxy board shorts.
  • P50 hipster glasses because I promised Robi I would wear them when we'd meet at Cubao X.
  • Temporary tattoos for P5 because I am too much of a pussy to get a real one, lols.

Cut. Because I'm bored with my hair and haven't got the guts [yet] to color it red/blue/violet, I got a haircut instead.
According to the Intarnetz, Trinoma's Bench Fix had great stylists, so I marched over there and told them to give me bangs.

God, I wish it looked that good after I washed my hair. It took twenty minutes of using the straightening iron to make it ~werk~. Twas worth it, though; people say I look good, heh. :">

Cubao Expo.
Organized by Robi. Poster is also by him, the talented mofo that he is.

It wasn't really a reunion, since there were only seven of us. Nevertheless, I had lots of fun!
Bought at The Reading Room. "X" ring, P25; Lego ring, P75.

My favorite color, obviously, is black.
Also, I haven't worn a skirt (that wasn't my uniform) in a long time.

I never was good at math in the first place, and nearly two liters of beer would certainly impair my ability further. After billing out, I handed over P100 to Gelo and said, "Yan ah, kinse lang kulang ko," which prompted him to explain that one bottle cost P55. Therefore, three bottles cost P165.

"Tangina, 55 times 3, 115!" This is what I had in mind: (50+5)*3 = 100+15 = 115.
It took a half hour and lots of their boisterous laughter to make me realize that, hello, they were right.
Facepalm moment much, self?

So yeah, my summer's going somewhat like I wanted it to. A mishmash of lazing around and going out.
Friday, I'll be hitting Star City with the YC Buddies. Yay!


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