April 20, 2011

Senior Year x Tomato Kick

Finally watched Senior Year yesterday at Trinoma with Gab. It was so good you guys! Seriously, it. Was. Awesome.

Directed by Jerrold Tarog, the film takes place in St. Frederick's Academy, a distinguished Catholic school in Alabang, Muntinlupa.

It follows the lives of ten high school students months before graduating. Contrary to what some might think, this doesn't have a typical plot where the students fall into cut-and-dried stereotypes (e.g. athlete, brain, princess, kook, criminal) —in fact, stereotypes play a surprisingly little role in this high school flick.
Instead, it focuses on the high school experience that most of us have had: talks of "batch unity," relationships facing uncertainty, domestic troubles... Perhaps it was because the cast was mainly composed of students at St. Frederick's that the scenes didn't feel forced or awkward, but very real and raw. It was this refreshing break from melodrama that most Filipino films utilize that made this one stand out.

After watching, we met one of the producers, who told us that they would be doing a school tour. I can't wait for it to hit UST!


The other day, Mom and I hit #55 Maginhawa St. in UP Village, Quezon City. We had lunch at Tomato Kick, a place described by the Sunday Inquirer Magazine as having "a distinctly artsy vibe." While I wouldn't completely agree with the description, I have nothing but praise for the food.

I had the Alfredo Marinara. It was delicious and they didn't scrimp on the seafood, but it was heavy. Next time I'll order the red sauce.

Quesadillas. It tasted really fresh—the cheese wasn't rubbery like other quesadillas, and I liked how I could bite down on the pieces of garlic inside.

Seafood Salpicao for Mom. Spicy and satisfying.

The servings were somewhat large, which led us to the conclusion that the dishes were meant for two.

Up next in our Maginhawa Food Adventure (I have yet to consult my mom about what to call our food trip, lol) is Friuli Trattoria, an Italian pizza-and-pasta place. Yay!


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