September 4, 2011

Emotionally Volatile Bear

I would stay on Tumblr if only for the Tumblogs dedicated to things I'm crazy about, like A Clockwork Orange and The Simpsons. #dork I'm also in love with funny meme sites, my favorite of which is this one called Emotionally Volatile Bear. When I first saw these, I was all, "Omigod I do that too!!!11!!1!11"

Now, I enjoy most memes, but I particularly love this one because it's about constantly drowning in a sea of ~emotions~ (emocean lol), and it amuses me to no end to see that there are actually other people who are as emotional as I am. I'm not a complete freak, yay!

Some things that have made me cry:
  • The music video for Best Coast's Our Deal
  • A sweet little story about Kat's dad missing her mom made me cry in a pizza parlor
  • Reading Titanic's IMDB page and realizing how much Jack and Rose loved each other
  • Aya telling me about the part in Marley & Me where Marley died
  • One of those karaoke background videos that actually had a story: assassin boy falls for a girl who he eventually is assigned to kill.

Me, before watching Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind: Uy, baka maiyak ako ha.
Me, while watching: *unable to speak, overcome by body-wracking sobs*


I am an Emotionally Volatile Bear and damn it, I'm ashamed of crying over every damn thing. Considering surgical tear duct removal.


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