February 18, 2014

Complaints and Grievances

  1. The fact that I stole this title from a George Carlin show.
  2. Worrying about how to budget for rent, utilities, laundry, food, and still have cash left over for doing fun stuff.
  3. I just want a skincare/make-up routine that will make my face less shiny. Is that so freakin' hard?
  4. In connection with #4: eyeliners and mascaras melt off my oily eyelids and give me panda eyes.
  5. I have Wifi but only 50 hours of use per month.
  6. Massive amounts of work to be done. Overtime season is upon me.
  7. I spend too much money on my wants when what I need is a new pair of glasses.
  8. Existential angst is so college. I must get over myself.


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