June 10, 2014

Quick fix: I only just discovered a great use for my stipple brush

When I bought a foundation brush, it changed my life. The days of smearing liquid foundation with my grubby fingers are over. Finally, smooth-looking skin that appears natural!
Well, not really. I bought the Marionnaud foundation brush several months ago, and even though it’s great quality (affordable, no shedding of hairs, sturdy), I find that it’s a bit hard to control in application. The tight spots always get a little too much foundation, the application can look streaky, and I tend to use more product. What’s more, applying foundie using this brush tends to let it sit on my face instead of getting absorbed. But since I was too lazy to remedy this, I let it slide.

Until one day, on a whim, I tried using the e.l.f. small stipple brush. The clouds parted.

It applied the foundation seamlessly. It wasn’t streaky and it looks flawlessly buffed in. Plus, I had to use way less product than I usually do.

Maybe I have yet to learn how to apply foundation with an ordinary foundation brush, but this stipple brush is enough for right now. <3


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