March 20, 2014

3 things my co-workers have discovered about me so far

1. I don't share food.

I buy chocolate almost on the daily, and my colleagues have noticed that I don't do the customary alok or offering others food you're eating. Yes, I am aware of that, and no, I really do not share food that I love.


It's food. I know this makes me seem like a selfish pig, but I'd take that label and wear it proudly while munching on a Snickers bar.
Good thing they don't give me hard time about it or I'll have to start hiding my food.

2. Fall Out Boy makes me emotional. Like, seriously.

Our intern started playing FOB songs and of course I just had to sing along at the top of my lungs. When she asked me about the meaning of the lyrics to Me and You, I started trying to explain but ended up with a tight throat and so teary-eyed, I couldn't talk well.

She has What a Catch, Donnie on her phone and I nearly cried while singing.
[photo source]

Ah, what fangirling does to you.

3. I am a serial outfit repeater.

I can spend all my money on make-up, but I don't enjoy clothes-shopping much. Plus, I have zero imagination for dressing up (shirt is clean? pants are odor-free? good enough!), and I tend to stick with the very basic pieces. A colleague noticed this and suggested that I start dressing up more (read: high heels), which is unappealing to me, to say the least. Comfy/lazy dressers 4lyf!!

* * * * * * *

As time goes by, they'll be discovering more things about me. Here's to hoping most of them are positive stuff, eh? 


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