June 4, 2014

It pays to have friends in high places, eh?

I'm a proud person. There's a thirst in me to prove myself and my abilities.
That's why my supervisor criticizes me when I don't ask for help.
That's why one of my proudest achievements ever was moving out and proving that I can survive not living on my mom's dollar.
That's why even though my family has some useful connections, I never, ever got a job simply because I was someone's relative.

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Just the thought makes me sick with repulsion and anger. Even if I did get in, people will always be discrediting my work, saying, "The only reason you ever got here was because of your connections." Why would you ever want that? Couldn't you land a job on your own? Don't have trust and confidence in your capabilities?

Or maybe it's because you know damn well that you're not capable enough to get those jobs you want, so you pull strings. In that case, I would say fuck you very much. It is terribly unfair to those of us who actually have to work our asses off. While we're paying our dues with blood, sweat, and tears, trying to gain more experience, skills, and knowledge so we can move up the ladder, you're sitting your ass down on a comfy chair and watching the hours crawl by. 

It frustrates me endlessly when I see someone who is unsuitable for the job still get that position simply because they're well-connected. It's a detriment to employees' confidence in the company, as well as to their morale. It sends a message: "Yeah, you can work as hard as you can, but see this motherfucker right here? He's waaay ahead of you because he's WELL-CONNECTED, BITCH." Or something to that effect.

It's bad enough that they got work because of their connections. It's even worse when they slack off. Seriously, if you got in due to your network, don't you want to work as hard as you can just to prove that you deserve the job, regardless of your hiring circumstances? Or is the concept of "hard work" foreign to you?

I realize that with today's economy, job hunting is difficult and disheartening. Still, if you're going to curry favor to force your way into an organization, the very least you can do is make sure you deserve that spot.


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