July 27, 2014

On Shoshanna's strength

The second season of Girls showed Shoshanna, a bright, driven, and lively young woman, breaking up with the perpetually angry and cynical Ray. Their match was unlikely but entertaining, to say the least, because their different personalities made it so interesting to watch.

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The main reason why Shosh broke up with Ray is his personality is far too grim. He has no ambition, he is always angry, and she feels he is holding her back from being a “fully formed human”. All valid and acceptable reasons. But the thing is, she loves him, “to the ends of the world and back, so much”.

She wants him to improve. She wants them to “be in love at another time.” She wants so badly for them to work out, but she knows it’s not good for them.

As I’m typing this, I’m thinking, “Fuck Hannah and Adam. Fuck Marnie and Charlie. That’s primary school shit.” HannAdam (yes, I am totally making up couple names) are both pretty twisted, so their separation was no surprise. Marnie was with Charlie mostly because it was stable, something she was used to, and which she craves. 

For me, Shoshanna’s break-up hurt the most, because how strong do you have to be to leave someone you love? It takes strength that you will not fold when he asks you to stay, and it takes conviction to know that you’re doing the right thing, even if it hurts. It takes courage to relinquish the life you built together so you can build a new, better one for yourself.

The truth is, there might be people in our lives that we might be better off without, and who we need to let go of—yes, even if we love them to the ends of the world and back.


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