July 8, 2012

A few fandoms

I don't always like something, but when I do, I end up spending hours on the Internet just reading about it until I sound like a nerd whenever the subject comes up.
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Usually, I can keep quiet about it, but when someone brings it up, my voice get squeaky and I start talking and gesturing really fast. It gets pretty embarrassing.

So I'll just talk about it here! Below are a few of my somewhat recent fandoms.

The Hunger Games

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I didn't even want to get into THG at first. When everyone was shitting their shorts in anticipation for the movie, I shrugged it off as another Twilight-ish hype. 

But when I watched it, I fell head over heels in love with the franchise. As soon as I saw a boxset, I bought the books and read them repeatedly. One day during my internship, I was in the office reading a particularly emotional scene in Catching Fire, and I started to cry at my desk.

It's not perfect: the author, Suzanne Collins, used way too much "tell" and too little "show", which made some parts tedious to read, especially since the first-person view of the protagonist, Katniss Everdeen, gets a little tiring. Otherwise, it's an excellently plotted story of romance, suspense, and commentary on the effects of war. Thought-provoking shit.

Quentin Tarantino

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The first Tarantino film I've watched was Kill Bill, which has since become one of my favorite films (I dream of dressing up as Gogo Yubari). After that I've watched Kill Bill Vol. 2Pulp Fiction, and Reservoir Dogs. There are still a lot of his movies I've yet to watch, but I'm pretty sure I'll love them.

Common denominators in his films are violence and unusual characters, who are never people we can immediately relate to (i.e. criminals). In that way, he reminds me of my favorite author, Chuck Palahniuk; they both create characters that have unconventional sets of morals and philosophies, and their dialogue is sharp and smart.

And hey! Quentin Tarantino is coming out with a new film this December! MY FEELZ, I CANNOT CONTAIN THEM.


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Specifically Marvel. This started when I watched the Avengers movie and realized how little I actually knew about the comics; thus, I started reading1 them.

I'm currently into the Civil War storyline. A Superhuman Registration Act forces anyone with superhuman powers to register with, and work for, the US government, creating a schism between our heroes. Leading the pro-reg group is Iron Man. Leading the anti-reg rebellion is Captain America. Former teammates gearing up for one of the most important wars in comic history. Whose side are you on?

That's it for now. All that wildly enthusiastic fangirling has left me exhausted. Any more fandoms I should get into? :)

1 Protip: Cloudreaders is an excellent app for reading comics on your Apple device!


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