December 25, 2013

It's the most wonderful time of the year, so they say.

I am a huge Christmas person. Really, I am. I love Christmas and all it brings: delicious food in abundance, beautiful lights, decorated trees, carols, etc.
The Best Friend, though, isn't such a big fan, so imagine his puzzlement and laughter when I confessed to him that I had no Christmas spirit this year. Yep, all the usual cheer I had during the past holidays were gone, in favor of a brooding, sulky, "Can we just get Christmas over with?" attitude that I have never, ever, ever had, ever.

It sucks because the holidays is the one time of the year when I was sure to be happy, no matter what circumstances. It's Christmas, for god's sake—the gifts alone should be enough to make me happy. So what's wrong with me?

Maybe it's because I'm going through a few personal issues right now that include my job, my financial situation, and guilt over not having money for Christmas presents. Maybe I started to hate the awful commute during the holiday rush, and people crowded everywhere. Maybe it's growing up and realizing that we'll have to do it all again next year?

Whatever the matter is, you can strangle me with tinsel and call me Grinch. I'm not buying this whole holiday cheer one bit.


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